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December’s Featured Author: Monica Dickens

Dear Readers,

To launch 2013 properly (very exciting stuff planned for the coming months!) we’ve decided to offer you a monthly ‘Featured Author’ – to showcase the incredible talent we have to offer, and to help you discover the hidden works of our lesser-known (but brilliant) writers.

But why wait to start in January when we have the perfect author for December 2012?! I give you Monica Dickens, the incredibly popular great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens – an exceptional author in her own right.

Monica DickensBiography

Great-granddaughter to Charles Dickens, Monica (1915-1992) was born into an upper middle class family. Disillusioned with the world in which she was brought up, she acted out – she was expelled from St Paul’s Girls’ School in London for throwing her school uniform over Hammersmith Bridge. Dickens then decided to go into service, despite coming from the privileged class; her experiences as a cook and general servant would form the nucleus of her first book, One Pair of Hands, published in 1939.

Dickens married an American Navy officer, Roy O. Stratton, and spent much of her adult life in Massachusetts and Washington D.C., but she continued to set the majority of her writing in Britain. No More Meadows, which she published in 1953, reflected her work with the NSPCC  – she later helped to found the American Samaritans in Massachusetts. Between 1970 and 1971 she wrote a series of children’s books known as The Worlds End Series which dealt with rescuing animals and, to some extent, children. After the death of her husband in 1985, Dickens returned to England where she continued to write until her death aged 77.

Her Works

Bloomsbury Reader has a wonderful collection of Monica Dickens novels, including the lovely World’s End Series – a great choice for entertaining little bookworms this Christmas.

 ‘Monica Dickens gets better and better’ J.B Priestly

‘It is life itself that is caught up in the pages of her books’ Rebecca West


A Christmas Carol
In case you haven’t already seen our glorious enhanced edition of the great work, be sure not to miss out. Featuring an original recording of Monica Dickens reading the story as as it was read to her by her grandfather, who in turn heard it from the author himself. Monica Dickens gave an everlasting gift to others by establishing the Samaritans on Cape Cod and the Islands in Falmouth, Massachusetts in 1977. This recording is the original radio version which has been enhanced by new music and engineering to honor them both. Proceeds will benefit Samaritan crisis lines, support groups for those who have lost someone to suicide, and community outreach programs.

Have a look at our page below to listen to exclusive excerpts of interviews and readings with Monica Dickens. Merry Christmas!

samaritans page


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