One of our favourite crime blogs…

Past Offences is an incredible resource for fans of classic crime. With reviews and news on authors ranging from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, to our very own Margery Allingham, the blog is exclusively interested in crime novels published pre-1987 — just our cup of tea!

We love the idea of the Vintage Mystery Reading challenge – one year to read 8-16 novels in 37 different categories!

Check this blog out, its not one to miss!!

Past Offences: Classic crime, thrillers and mystery book reviews

OK, OK, I missed last month’s classic crime update. (What do you mean, you didn’t notice?) Anyway, I’m going to make up for it by covering two months with one post.

This time, I decided to venture off the beaten track a little and look for reviews of classic crime novels written by those benighted individuals who don’t usually review classic crime. It takes all sorts.

Anyhow, I started with 2606 Books, who in ‘a mild bout of mid-life angst, I found out that, based on life expectancy of a British male and my average reading speed, I have only 2,606 more books to read before I expire. So I’m going to count them down and write about them.’

His opinions on A Study in Scarlet pretty much reflect my own:

I can’t help but see a similarity between A Study in Scarlet and “origin” stories in superhero films…

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