Take a vacation! Escaping for a holiday through reading


It’s full-on midsummer now, and you know what that means – itchy feet!  Not because of the humidity or the hot city streets or the mosquitos hovering about, but because I’ve got the travel bug.

This time of year always makes me want to get out and see the world, whether that means sweating on the streets of Rome or drinking something long and cold on a remote beach.  London is thronged with tourists and school groups from the continent, the buses are mobbed and the parks dotted with day-drinking sunbathers, and although the city truly comes alive in summer I always find myself daydreaming of globe-tripping.

In lieu of the opportunity to get away, though, I find that good travel writing, or even a novel set in a faraway land, eases my restlessness at least a little bit.  Whether it’s a mystery series set in Scandinavia, a vivid travelogue by the likes of Alec Waugh or VS Pritchett, or a novel about a crafty lady scouring the globe for scams and scandals, losing myself in a book is one way to make me feel like I’ve ‘gotten away’ for a bit.

And, of course, if I can find a place to read that feels removed from my everyday life – a secluded patch of park, or a hidden-away little coffee shop – all the better!


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