Need a break from festive cheer and nostalgia? We have something for you…

We all love something about Christmas, but then we all love to hate something about the festive season at the same time.

December. When that Christmas jumper gift wasn’t even ironic, nor was your behaviour at the office party, sometimes we just want to forget about the festive season together. So here’s to the day after Christmas and beyond, when every clever ‘use up all the turkey’ recipe has been challenged, the tin of chocolates is rattling near-empty but for the ones no one likes, and you have been with your lovely family perhaps just one day too many… but then the roads are icy, and the TV specials aren’t to be missed, and there is no point starting any kind of detox or noble behaviour until after your New Year’s eve party, what is the best way to pass the dark and chilly days?

On December the 26thBloomsbury Reader publish 4 action-packed collections of the work of Dennis Wheatley. We promise you zero festive cheer or nostalgia, but an antidote to the sameness with something completely different.


The Gregory Sallust series – hone your spy skills with the original James Bond, based on the author’s own experience working for the secret services in WWII.

Gregory Sallust small

The Black Magic series is not another box of chocolates no one wants to look at come Boxing Day, but Wheatley’s collection of darker stories from the underbelly of satanic ritual and horror. Scare yourself silly with these classic stories of drama and suspense.

Black Magic small

The Duke de Richleau series chronicles our favourite literary aristocrat and his faithful friends as they travel the world solving mysteries and fighting for good over evil.

Duke the Richleau small

The Roger Brook series follows our eponymous hero from his coming of age to his golden years. Pistols at dawn and love through the ages, this collection is a must for lovers of historical fiction through the French Revolution and beyond.

Roger Brook small

To see the full range of Bloomsbury Reader titles click here.


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