The Death of Ruth by Elizabeth Kata ‘grips from the first page’

The_Death_of_RuthThis month sees the release of The Death of Ruth by Elizabeth Kata, the first of five novels by Kata that Bloomsbury Reader will be reissuing, making them available as ebooks for the first time. Kata is best known for Be Ready with Bells and Drums (1961), which was made into the award-winning film A Patch of Blue (1965)

In The Death of Ruth, Molly Blake is a woman with a gruesome secret from which she cannot escape. The secret lies buried beneath her husband’s camellias, and the fear of its discovery will drive her to madness. First published in 1981, The Death of Ruth demonstrates Kata’s gift for compelling storytelling in this psychological thriller with a chilling twist.

Born in Australia, Kata lived for many years in Japan. Married in Tokyo in 1937, she spent the last two years of the Second World War in internment. Her son was born just three weeks before the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. On being released she returned to Australia in 1947 with her infant son, where she embarked on a long and illustrious writing career.

One reviewer states that The Death of Ruth ‘grips from the first page,’ with ‘plenty of twists as the story unfolds…the final outcome is completely unexpected.’

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