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Dancing for the troops as the bombs fall in Dorice Greenfield’s memoir War Time, Peace Time, My Time

War Time front jacketWe are delighted to publish War Time, Peace Time, My Time, a charming account of the life of Dorice Greenfield; dancer, wife, mother and now, author. Inspired to write through a visit to her local Age UK, Dorice is the opposite of the sad news story this week of the woman who didn’t want to get old as she feared losing her sparkle. Dorice’s sparkle gets brighter by the day, still dancing twice weekly at Age UK Hounslow at 88 years young.

At fifteen, Dorice runs away from her evacuated school campus, and the relative safety of the English countryside, to return to a terrifying London at war; one of rationing, doodlebugs and bomb shelters.

Determined to pursue her love of dance, it isn’t long before she is touring the country, performing at theatres and military bases, and receiving Nylons from American soldiers. Once considered too risqué for a good girl, dressing in sexy costumes and taking to the stage becomes a patriotic duty, buoying up the spirits of a nation of young soldiers. But amidst this fear and excitement, when she falls for a Jewish man, Dorice must face down prejudice in order to marry her love, fighting new battles as the war subsides.

Dorice Greenfield is an inspiration – a brave woman who filled her life with adventure in the face of adversity and, in leading by example, gave her family the best start in life.

We had a fabulous book launch in the Bloomsbury conservatory, full of family, friends, and HRH the Duke of Kent, a perfect celebration for this charming book!

Dorice Party 061

Dorice with HRH The Duke of Kent, Daughter Susan and Son Graham, at the launch of War Time, Peace Time, My Time.


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