An Absence of Natural Light: F.G. Cottam’s new haunting novella

Absence highresWe are excited to publish F.G. Cottam’s new novella, An Absence of Natural Light, where terror and romance go hand in hand.

When Rebecca shows Tom Harper around a new apartment, the attraction between her and the ex-pro footballer is clear from the start.

Getting close to him despite being wary of his playboy footballer image, together they begin to settle Tom in to his new home. But when things start to go bump in the night, the apartment’s dark past is revealed. Old landlords and ex-lovers are reluctant to talk about the previous occupant, and why the apartment has stayed empty in the decades that followed her mysterious death. She has left a beguiling, bewitching legacy, which refuses to stay buried. Tom and Rebecca are keen to live in the present, but is it the past that is living with them?

F.G. Cottam is also the author of The Lazarus Prophecy, a paranormal crime thriller, bringing the Jack the Ripper myth chillingly to life in modern London.

Lazarus Prophecy Small


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