Missing #NewLabour? Holly Lester, Andrew Rosenheim’s satirical romp, has been dubbed the ‘British Primary Colors’

9781448215690Bloomsbury Reader is excited to publish the long anticipated Holly Lester, Andrew Rosenheim’s racy satire of New Labour. Originally banned by Bloomsbury’s very own Richard Charkin when CEO of Macmillan, Holly Lester has finally come full circle.

There are many things I’m ashamed of. Banning this book is up there with the biggest’
– Richard Charkin, then CEO of Macmillan, now Executive Director of Bloomsbury

James Billings is a West End art dealer struggling to make ends meet, when out of the blue Holly Lester, wife of the Labour Party leader, steps into his gallery. As they embark on an illicit affair, Billings soon finds himself drawn into the ruthless world of power politics that sweeps Holly’s husband into Number Ten – and threatens to destroy Billings’ own reputation and career.

In the late 1990s rumours circulated of a provocative new work of fiction scrutinizing Britain’s politics from the inside. Here at last is the satirical romp, dubbed ‘the British Primary Colors,’ that had publications from the Observer to the Sunday Times racing to find out who wrote it. For those who remember the early halcyon days of New Labour, this novel will bring back memories; for those too young to know better, it will provide an intriguing education.

‘The British Primary Colors’ – Sunday Times

‘The perfect mix of charm, intrigue and menace….so evocative of that New Labour moment between 1994 and 1997’ – Francis Wheen


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