The Nature of Love by H. E. Bates explores the intricacies of one of life’s greatest mysteries – love

Nature of loveThis month sees the release of The Nature of Love by H. E. Bates, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

First published in 1953, The Nature of Love is a collection of Novellas exploring the intricacies of one of life’s biggest mysteries – love.

Differing in weight but similar in texture, these stories draw from rural landscapes and the sensitive, poignant studies of the people that bring them to life.

Dulcima, dedicated to Somerset Maugham, is a tale of a simple girl in rural England whose manipulation of both an old widower and a young forest worker has tragic results. In 1971, this was turned into a film adaptation starring Carol White and John Mills.

The Grass God is a literary portrait of Fitzgerald, a landowner who is unfeeling in the treatment of his tenants and his wife. But, whilst bumbling through a summer affair with a young beauty, he gets a taste of his own medicine.

Further afield, The Delicate Nature follows Simpson, a young man sent to the Malaysian jungle to assist Spencer Malan, an eccentric and domineering plantation owner. As Simpson settles into his new post, he also becomes entangled in the strange relationship between Malan and his wife, entering into an affair with her and walking a dangerous line.

For the first time, this collection includes the bonus story ‘Old Lady’ which continues the retrospective theme and the dalliances of young romance.


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