‘Complicated and feral, Garden Lakes is thrilling, literary, and smart as hell’


A ‘cunningly crafted homage to Lord of the Flies‘ – Julia Glass

We are thrilled to publish Garden Lakes by Jaime Clarke, the third novel featuring Charlie Martens, an Arizona newspaper columnist whose career has been built on lies. Charlie looks back to where the deceit began; a long hot summer in his youth at Garden Lakes. Tasked with a construction job in a half-built development, Charlie lives and works with his peers. Friendships are tested when a transient girl wanders into the development after the disappearance of both of their chaperones. What happened at Garden Lakes that summer reverberates through everyone’s lives, but especially Charlie’s, forever altered by his actions.

After looking at ‘the dark side of literary adulation’ in Vernon Downs, and ‘human morality and sexuality’ in World Gone Water, Garden Lakes is a fascinating take on the complex allegiances of childhood, of innocence disrupted by experience, and the shock of learning for the first time that actions can have lasting consequences.

‘Complicated and feral, Garden Lakes is thrilling, literary, and smart as hell’ – Paul Harding, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Tinkers

‘Smart, seductive, and suggestively sinister, Garden Lakes is a disturbingly honest look at how our lies shape our lives and destroy our communities. Read it: Part three in one of the best literary trilogies we have’ – Scott Cheshire, author of High as the Horses’ Bridles

Other titles by Jaime Clarke

Vernon Downs

Vernon Downse epub jacket


A gripping, hypnotically written and unnerving look at the dark side of literary adulation. Jaime Clarke’s novel is a cautionary tale for writers and readers alike – after finishing it, you may start to think that J.D. Salinger had the right idea after all – Tom Perotta, Author of Election, Little Children and The Leftovers

The character of Vernon Downs is based on renowned author Bret Easton Ellis.

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Listen to an excerpt here read by Chris Cooper

World Gone Water

Jaime Clarke’s World Gone Water is so fresh and  daring, a necessary book, a barbaric yawp that revels in its taboo: the  sexual and emotional desires of today’s hetero young man. Clarke is a  sure and sensitive writer, his lines are clean and carry us right to the  tender heart of his lovelorn hero, Charlie Martens. This is the book  Hemingway and Kerouac would want to read. It’s the sort of honesty in  this climate that many of us aren’t brave enough to write – Tony D’Souza, author of The Konkans9781448215485_cov_front


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Listen to an excerpt here read by Thora Birch




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