Life In Squares, the complete script by Amanda Coe, explores the tangled loves of the Bloomsbury Group

Life in SquaresWe are excited to publish Life In Squares, the complete script to the three part BBC television drama starring James Norton, Phoebe Fox, Eve Best and Lydia Leonard. Exploring the tangled and complex loves of the Bloomsbury Group, the ebook includes an introduction by the screenwriter, Amanda Coe.

After the television show received such critical acclaim, with the Guardian’s Lucy Mangan praising the ‘glorious’ script, and Holly Williams lauding the ‘juicy stuff’ as ‘genuinely fascinating’ in the Independent, we were thrilled to get the chance to make Life In Squares available as an ebook, offering fans a closer look.

In her introduction, Amanda Coe explains why she was drawn to write about the Bloomsbury Group, looking at how their lives, values and challenges are still relevant: ‘The Bloomsbury ethos of non-judgmental friendship, its queer sexualities, its valuing of femininity, all challenge the binary values that still restrict our culture today.’

Vanessa Bell, the heart of this set of writers, artists, philosophers and intellectuals, has an incredibly close and often difficult relationship with her sister, Virginia Woolf. When Vanessa falls in love, she must balance her role as Virginia’s confidant and carer with her new role as lover, wife and mother. Vanessa’s beliefs about creative and sexual freedom are revolutionary but often difficult to live with, as infidelity, passion and love push and pull at her happiness.

This is perfect for fans of the Bloomsbury Group and Virginia Wolf, those fascinated in the finer details of screenwriting, and those who get a thrill looking behind the scenes.

Life In Squares also features the naughty David Garnett, subject of  Bloomsbury’s Outsider: A Life of David Garnett by Sarah Knights, also out on Bloomsbury Reader, which has just been shortlisted for the James Tait Black award for best biography.9781448215447

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