Brexit or RemaIN? What would Churchill do?

Churchill's LegacyChurchill has been in the news recently as we approach the UK Referendum on 23 June to decide whether we remain in the EU or not.

Churchill famously called for a ‘United States of Europe‘ in Zurich 1946, a startling call at the end of the Second World War as the Nuremberg trials were underway.  Churchill advocated that the hatred stirred up by the war should be replaced by a Franco-German partnership for Europe to recover its economic vitality and regain its moral stature.

We publish this hardback in September 2016 to mark the 70th Anniversary of Churchill giving this speech in Zurich, but we’ve released the ebook early to help inform the current debate.

In or out, what do you think Churchill would choose?  Lord Watson firmly believes that Churchill would want Britain to remain in Europe. At his speech in the House of Lords last Wednesday 15 June, he said:

“I have been asked by many people – it has been discussed in the media a great deal – what Churchill ‘s view would have been. Of course, we do not know, but there is something that we should remember. Churchill advocated and supported Franco-German unity and a kind of United States of Europe because he believed that Britain’s place in the world turned decisively on being at the centre of three great circles of influence: the English-speaking world outside the United States, the Commonwealth; the United States; and Europe. He also believed that if we allowed ourselves to be pushed out, or took ourselves out, of any one of those three circles, we would be critically damaged and diminished in the remaining two. If we do that now with Brexit, I believe that that will again be the case.”

Stronger In.


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