New look for Edmund Crispin’s classic British detective fiction


We have beautiful new jackets for our Edmund Crispin classic British detective fiction.

‘One of the undiscovered treasures of British crime fiction’ A. L. Kennedy

Edmund Crispin was the pseudonym of Robert Bruce, an English crime writer and composer. Montgomery wrote nine detective novels and two collections of short stories under the pseudonym Edmund Crispin (taken from a character in Michael Innes’s Hamlet, Revenge!). The stories feature Oxford don Gervase Fen, who is an eccentric, sometimes absent-minded Professor of English at the university. Crispin’s whodunit novels have complex plots and fantastic solutions. They are written in a humorous, literary and sometimes farcical style and contain frequent references to English literature, poetry, and music.

The Times chose Edmund Crispin as one of their ’50 Greatest Crime Writers’.
1 The Glimpses of the Moon

The Glimpses of the Moon
Death and decapitation seem to go hand in hand in the Devon village of Aller. When the first victim’s head is sent floating down the river, the village’s rural calm is shattered. Soon the corpses are multiplying, and the entire community is involved in the hunt for the murderer. Whilst many chase false trails, it is left to Gervase Fen, Oxford don and amateur criminologist, to uncover the sordid truth.


Frequent Hearses ePub
Frequent Hearses
Stars, starlets, floozies and factotums of the film world – Gervase Fen suspects them all.
When young actress Gloria Scott throws herself from Waterloo Bridge, the news sends shockwaves through her film studio. Luckily Gervase Fen, Oxford Don and amateur criminologist, is around to investigate. But when someone acts fast to cover up any evidence – removing all signs of Ms Scott’s identity from her apartment and poisoning a suspicious cameraman – the truth is hard to find.
Fen Country ePub

Fen Country
Dandelions, hearing aids, a blood-stained cat, a Leonardo drawing, a corpse with an alibi, and a truly poisonous letter … these are just some of the unusual clues that Oxford don/detective Gervase Fen and his friend Inspector Humbleby are confronted with in this sparkling collection of short mystery stories by one of the great masters of detective fiction.
Beware of the Trains ePub



Beware of the Trains
These sixteen short stories are classic examples of Fen’s crime-solving prowess. A professor of English at Oxford by trade, he is also an eager amateur criminologist which leads to him becoming involved in a host of compelling murder mysteries. His intuition uncovers the most insoluble clues when even the best brains in the police force are baffled. These stories also allow you, the reader, to flex your own crime-solving muscles: each one contains all the clues needed to anticipate its outcome, using a delicate combination of logic and common sense … with a bit of ingenuity thrown in!

All titles are available from Bloomsbury Reader in paperback and ebook .


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