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Park Reads: The Death of Ruth by Elizabeth Kata

Psychological thriller The Death of Ruth by Elizabeth Kata is now available in paperback, just in time for spring sunshine reading. We love a good lunchtime picnic here at Bloomsbury London HQ, so we took The Death of Ruth out for a park test drive.  After some extensive experimentation involving grass lounging,  fresh(ish) air breathing, and an engrossing readability exam, the results are clear – this is an excellent park read!


With the fresh spring breeze rustling the leaves above us, we read about Molly Blake, a woman with a gruesome secret from which she cannot escape. A secret which lies buried beneath her husband’s camellias – and followed her story as the fear of its discovery drives her to madness.

John and Molly Blake are a quiet suburban couple leading a quiet suburban life. It comes as a shock to John when their happy relationship suddenly begins to break down. Why has a certain waspishness crept into Molly’s voice? Why is she withdrawing from him?

As this thriller with a chilling twist unfolded, we were pretty glad to have the dappled sunshine to warm us, and the quiet chatter of fellow picnickers to keep us company.

Elizabeth Kata was born in Australia and lived for many years in Japan. Married in Tokyo in 1937, she spent the last two years of the Second World War in internment. Her son was born just three weeks before the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. On being released she returned to Australia in 1947 with her infant son, where she embarked on a long and illustrious writing career.

Her first-hand experience of Japanese culture and human conflict brings the characters and places in her fiction to life.

We’ll be republishing two more of Kata’s novels –  Kagami, an epic historical novel set in 19th Century Japan, and Child of the Holocaust, following a Jewish orphan as he builds a new life in New York after World War II – as ebooks for the very first time, later this month. Available to pre-order now!


For a list of all books by Elizabeth Kata published by Bloomsbury Reader, and more info on this fantastic author, click here.


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