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Win Classic Crime from Edmund Crispin

As the autumn nights draw in and us Brits begin the internal back and forth on the vital question of whether it is cold enough to turn the heating on, there is no better time to cosy up with some classic cosy crime.

9781448206889This month it’s been our pleasure to sponsor Classics in September over at Crime Fiction Lover. Every year they celebrate this fantastic fiction with articles, highlights, giveaways and reviews.

This month also saw the release of two new Edmund Crispin paperback editions, Frequent Hearses and The Glimpses of the Moon.

‘His novels featuring eccentric Oxford professor Gervase Fen were always witty and literate, and Frequent Hearses is one of the picks of the bunch.’ – Crime Fiction Lover

To commemorate this month of classic crime we are giving away five copies each of our new Edmund Crispin Paperbacks, Frequent Hearses and The Glimpses of the Moon. Go here and retweet for a chance to win!9781448206902

‘Although the author makes many contemporary references in The Glimpses of the Moon, his style is marked by Golden Age influences’ – Crime Fiction Lover


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