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Protest and Power: the Battle for the Labour Party



It’s nearing the end of April and Brexit is looming over us, but the sun is creeping back, the bank holiday weekend is almost upon us, and Game of Thrones is finally back.

It’s hard not to draw parallels between the political situations of Westeros and Westminster (I don’t think the naming was an accident). So, whilst waiting for the next episode of GoT, why not freshen up on real-world politics? If the Conservative party is a modern version of the Borgias – far more powerful when united and vicious when not – then Labour is Game of Thrones, with kingdoms constantly fighting it out for different moments of supremacy, to the greater cost of the throne. 

Protest and Power explains the ongoing battle between the right and left of the Labour party over the last 40 years, that have ultimately led to the rising tensions that surround the current leadership. There are interviews with Tony Blair, Ed Miliband, and Luciana Berger, as well as those behind the scenes, giving unparalleled insights into what led the Party to this point, and what this might mean for its future. But don’t just listen to us, you can read its excellent reviews in Guardian and The Times .9781448217243.jpg

And if it all gets a bit too much, shake it off and reconnect with nature. Go for a walk, pick up a copy of the beautiful little Gentle Art of Tramping and keep walking on out into the woods. Read more about what our other Tramping readers thought, here.


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